Payroll Solutions

PMQS specializes in the processing and management of Payrolling and Seconded workforces for our clients.  Our team works closely with clients, who self-identify the workers to be included in the
workforce, and then let us handle the administration including negotiation of market pay rates, on-boarding/off-boarding, training, safety administration, human resource and benefits administration and payroll.  Our clearly-defined processes and procedures are time tested, efficient and compliant with
relevant legal requirements.  Our workforce management process greatly reduces our clients’ administrative burden, particularly in cases where mobile workforces or multiple locations create
complex multi-jurisdictional payroll and compliance issues.

Our Workforce Management Team takes extra steps to do a market rate benchmarking analysis, ensuring each employee assigned to our client is paid “market rate” or is in alignment with internal compensation expectations.

Our Experience
PMQS has performed comprehensive payrolling and seconded workforce management services since 2006. We excel at large-scale jobs requiring hundreds of employees at one time.  Our longstanding clients rely on us to provide the flexibility and expertise to hire, on-board and pay anywhere from 400 - 900 employees accurately each season.  We have developed a custom payrolling program to facilitate
hiring this influx of employees with a quick turnaround time.

  • Safety training
  • Orientation
  • On-boarding/off- boarding
  • Benefits administration
  • Outsourcing
  • Rate benchmarking analysis programs
  • Ensure legal and risk management standards for client protection
  • Deliver multi-jurisdictional payroll and compliance
  • Mob/demob management